Looking for a Per Diem Attorney?

A Per Diem Attorney can handle all aspects of a conference, motion, hearing, appeals and bankruptcy and criminal cases. These attorneys make sure all court appearances are attended and all issues are addressed appropriately. Different lawyers can handle cases in certain states.

Ilene Cohen is a reputable Per Diem Attorney who can handle cases in New York and New Jersey. She is also available to handle cases in federal courts, including US Court of Appeals – 2nd circuit and Federal Circuit; US Court of Federal Claims and US Court of Military Appeals. The US Supreme Court of the United States is also a court where Cohen is qualified to handle the case.

Court cases can be stressful, so choosing the right attorney that is efficient and pays attention to the smallest detail can go a long way toward helping alleviate some of that stress. The case needs to be approached in such a way as to cover all angles and issues. Therefore, the right attorney is the best way to make sure the case is handled right the first time, minimizing delays and stress related to a drawn out period of unknown.

Cohen is one of the attorneys who handle cases for anyone, from a citizen to a large corporation. Each case is handled with the same attention to detail and care for the case at hand. Each part of the process is handled carefully, and the individual or corporation that is the focus of the court case can be assured it is being handled in an efficient manner.

Legal matters can become very complex, and it helps to address the situation with the help of an experienced attorney. Cohen can help with all aspects of that court case and provide you peace of mind that things won’t spiral out of control during the process.